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Assoc. PhD Student

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Research Project

Determinants of Child Labor in Afghanistan – Theory and Empirical Analysis

Child labor is considered as an evil phenomenon, which mostly exists in the labor market of developing countries and sacrifices education, health, children’s development and their lives. Afghanistan as a developing country is experiencing the worst form of child labor since last few decades and the problem is still staggering in the country. Different academic publications, based on specific cases, hold different economic, demographic and social factors responsible for this phenomenon. However, the determinants of child labor differ on the basis of countries’ economic status and market structure.

This study will consider only supply side determinants in two separate parts which are the youth’s perspective determinants and the households’ perspective determinants. In details the study aims ...

  • … to outline the current state of child labor in Afghanistan.
  • … to find out economic and social determinants both from the youth’s perspective, which considers a special case for Afghanistan or other post war countries (child labor as head of household), and the household’s perspectives of the widespread forms of child labor in Afghanistan.
  • … to find Afghanistan’s similar and dissimilar determinants in respect to other developing countries.
  • … to find out the impact of the country’s socio-economic variables on the probability of children attending school.
  • … to review/evaluate the national and international policies that were implemented in Afghanistan related to the issue of child labor.

Supervisor: Prof. Thomas K. Bauer

Research Interest

  • Labor economics
  • Labor market of developing countries
  • Labor rights
  • Schooling and higher education system development
  • Female employment


2005 - 2009:   Bachelor in Economics, Nangarhar University, Nangarhar, Afghanistan.
2010 - 2011:   Advance Bachelor upgrade in Economics & Management, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.
2011 - 2013:   Master of Science in Management and Economics (Field of Study Banking and Finance), Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

Work Experience

2009 - 2010:   Admin and Finance Manager, NSDP (National Skills Development Program) World Bank Project, Kabul, Afghanistan.
2013 - 2014:   Finance Manager and Economic Advisor to the CEFE International Group of Companies, Kabul, Afghanistan.
2015:   Project Coordinator to CEFE International Group of Companies, Kabul, Afghanistan.


2010 - current:   Lecturer in Economics, Nangarhar University, Nangarhar, Afghanistan.


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