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IEE News No 25

After the last year came to a closing at the IEE with a festive ceremony for our 50th anniversary, we have started into the year 2017 with a full range of ongoing and new activities, networking activities among development-related master programmes, a conference on SDGs and Human Rights, as well as research activities in Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Cambodia and Bangladesh, on which we keep you updated with this newsletter.

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MADM: Combining academic studies with practical experience

MADM coordinator Tobias Thürer shares insights in the current MADM intake.

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MADM: An Internship Offering Great Opportunities

Nardos Legesse Beyene, Ethiopian student in the MADM programme, shares some of his experiences during an internship with World Vision.

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MADM: Network Meeting between MADM, MIDE and SEPT

Networking between development-related Master programmes in Germany deepens.

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SA-GER CDR: Updates on the Programme at UWC/Cape Town

Britta Niklas shares news on new graduates, a new call for scholarship applications, and the start of the studies for new scholarship holders.

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SA-GER CDR: Call for Applications - International Alumni Conference

Programme coordinator, Britta Niklas, shares the call for applications to an international alumni conference on the root causes of displacement on Sub-Saharan Africa in Cape Town.

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EUSA_ID: Update on Staff Mobilities

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PhD IDS: PhD Conference 2017 at the ISS

Please take a look at the Call for Papers of the next PhD Conference.

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Urban Food Plus: Completion of Research Activities in Burkina Faso, Extension to Cameroon

After successfully passing the mid-term evaluation in 2015, the BMBF-funded African-German research consortium “Urban Food Plus” (UFP) is now in its second phase. Martina Shakya and Christina Seeger provide an update on recent project activities in Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

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UA Ruhr GC: MERCUR Project on “Political Authority in Transnational Governance Arrangements” in the Home Stretch

Johannes Norpoth shares the latest activities of the interdisciplinary research project that focuses on the regulation of labour standards in the apparel industry.

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AlumnIEE: Career Development after Fulfilling Master of Arts in Development Management

After having recently met again with Gabriele Bäcker and Professor Löwenstein during a workshop in Vietnam, MADM graduate Tran Ngoc Diep was happy to share with us about her career since graduating in 2006.

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News: International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Human Rights

Through the involvement of IEE Director Markus Kaltenborn, the IEE was one of the institutions convening an international conference on the interface between the SDGs and human rights in Bonn. Johannes Norpoth shares impressions from the event.

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News: New Faces

Get to know the new IEE research fellow, Marius Brinkmann.

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News: IEE Participates in University Football Tournament

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IEE on Tour

External activities of IEE members.

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IEE Publications

Read about new publications of our IEE members.

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