IEE Newsletter No. 20

News: Farewell to Meik Nowak

Tobias Thürer takes over the role as coordinator of the MADM programme from Meik Nowak.

Meik Nowak kleinAfter having been part of the Master in Development Management (MADM) programme for more than eleven years, Dr. Meik Nowak left the IEE in August 2014 and found a new field of responsibility at the Centre for Evaluation (CEval) in Saarbrücken, Germany. Meik Nowak has been a familiar face to everyone involved in the MADM programme which he has been coordinating since June 2008.
In September Tobias Thürer took over the job of the programme coordinator. In the last few years the economist has already been actively involved in the MADM programme as a lecturer and supervisor.

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