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Cooperation with Afghanistan: Students of the IEE's Afghanistan Programme at the BlauPause

Afghan students of the Bachelor Upgrading and Masters programme in Manangement and Economics join the festivities of the Ruhr-University's 50th anniversary by hosting an open table at the BlauPause event.

One special event in the context of the celebrations of the University's 50th anniversary was the BlauPause, which took place on June 6, 2015. For this occasion the Universitätsstraße, which connects the city center and the university, was closed to traffic, and a five-kilometer-long row of tables was arranged along the street. Each table offered different insights and activities related to the work of the university and the city's organizations and institutions. During the warm and sunny day, more than 100,000 guests walked along the seemingly endless row of 1,200 tables.
Blaupause Afghanistan3
The IEE was also represented at three of these tables. At two of our tables visitors had the chance to take part in a special wine testing and at another table, which was hosted by the students of the IEE's Afghanistan programme in Management and Economics, visitors could get to know the Afghan culture (see on the picture on the right Afghan students welcoming visitors; photo: private).

Blaupause Afghanistan1The table of the students of the Afghanistan programme attracted many guests. Many impressive photos of the country, arranged in an informative memory game, took the visitors on an imaginary trip (see on the picture above coordinator Anne Siebert together with Afghan students presenting the photo memory game; photo: private).
Blaupause Afghanistan2 Flicking through photos was combined with tasting delicious Afghan food (see picture on the right; photo: private). Snacks like Goshe fil (deep fried pastry with pistachios), Ghajor (pastry made from lightly leavened dough), and Chuchwara (dumplings with meat and onions) were a feast for visitors' eyes and mouths. Moreover, a big pot of Qabeli palaw (typical rice dish) - considered the crown of Afghan cuisine – was served.
Another highlight was the performance of the traditional Atan dance (see picture below; photo: private).
Blaupause Afghanistan4

SiebertDipl. Soz.-Wiss. Anne Siebert
Research Assistant & Coordinator Training and MSc Programmes in Economics with Afghan Universities
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