IEE Newsletter No. 24

Cooperation with Afghanistan: Visit from the Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan

Farah Asif reports on the recent highlight of the IEE's cooperation with Afghanistan

Minister of HE Afghanistan VisitAsif01 klein
The IEE was absolutely delighted to welcome H.E. Prof. Dr. Farida Momand and her advisers at the IEE and RUB from 12 to 14 October. The minister was in Bochum to discuss the development of the German-Afghan Cooperation in Management and Economics, as well as the Academic Mining Education Program (AMEA).

On the left: IEE Managing Director Prof. Dr. Löwenstein handing over the reader for the AMEA programme to H.E. Prof. Dr. Farida Momand
(photo: Asif)

Minister of HE Afghanistan Visit Dittrich 02 klein
During her visit she emphasised the important role of women in higher education and her aim to improve their current position. Furthermore, she showed great appreciation of the current ongoing projects and ensured their support and development. We are looking forward to successfully working with her in the upcoming years.
On the right: (from left to right) Prof. Dr. Löwenstein (IEE), H.E. Prof. Dr. Farida Momand (MoHE), Dr. Sami Noor (IEE), Nicole Dittrich (IEE), Amin Faisal (MoHE), dr. Omid Farooq Khesraw (MoHE) (photo: Asif)

Minister of HE Afghanistan Visit  Asif 03 klein
On the last day of her visit, she met AMEA project representatives from the DAAD and GIZ. Following the importance of Academic Mining Education in Afghanistan and adapting it to the needs of the private sector and administrative bodies, she appreciated the AMEA project and showed her interest for its prolongation.

On the left: (from left to right) Marius Brinkmann (RUB), Dr. Sami Noor (IEE), Dr. Alexander Kupfer (DAAD), Armin Fischer (GIZ), H.E. Prof. Dr. Farida Momand (MoHE Afghanistan), Prof. Dr. Löwenstein (IEE), Dr. Farah Asif (IEE), Dr. Omid Farooq Khesraw (Advisor to MoHE), Amin Faisal (Spokesperson MoHE) (photo: Asif)

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