IEE Newsletter No. 24

Cooperation with Afghanistan: Series of Workshops ‘Strategic Framework for Implementation of AMEA Project’

Farah Asif reports on a recent cooperation of the IEE with a joint DAAD and GIZ project on Afghanistan.

The IEE has successfully organized a series of workshops at the RUB from 16 to 18 August in order to develop a strategic framework for the implementation of 'Academic Mining Education in Afghanistan' (AMEA) project. Within the series of capacity development measures, AMEA is a joint project of the DAAD and GIZ which is sponsored by Federal Foreign Office of Germany, aiming to strengthen the Afghan University education in mining-related subjects and to modernize it for adapting to the needs of a market economy. The mining sector in Afghanistan has great potential to become a backbone of the country and to maintain a self-reliant future. However, this potential can only be harnessed on a significant scale with the help of national experts in the mining sector. Producing national mining professionals will improve the future job prospects for Afghan young mining experts in academia, private sector, and ministries and at the same time will make the country less dependent on foreign experts.
The IEE is contributing to the AMEA project through the development of curricula as well as by providing training to the Afghan lecturers from Kabul University (KU) in the field of Economics, Law, and Public Administration. To execute this project, the IEE has invited three lecturers from KU and conducted a four-month (May – August 2016) training program for them. The training was provided very interactively under the objective of 'Training the Trainers' as these trainees are supposed to facilitate mining-related education in Afghanistan.
For these workshops, the IEE and the RUB hosted AMEA project representatives from the DAAD and the GIZ, as well as six members of a Technical Committee from Afghanistan, including the chairman of KU and deans and heads of some faculties.
On the pictures below impressions from these workshops (photos: private)
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In the series of workshops regarding the implementation of the AMEA project, the technical committee unanimously accepted straight away the integration of three mining modules as compulsory courses in the Bachelor programmes of the Faculties of Economics, Law, and Public Administration at KU. Consequently, right after their return to Afghanistan, the IEE-trained lecturers are currently teaching mining modules at various faculties of KU, as prescribed by the IEE developed curricula. Representatives of project partners as well as members of the Technical Committee appreciated the role of the IEE for the development of curricula for three mining related modules as well as the training provided to lecturers of KU.

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