IEE Newsletter No. 31

newsletter 31

This year’s spring edition of the IEE newsletter comprises first of all some information with regard to the Institute's response to the Corona Crisis. The edition entails several contributions on our different Programmes including an update on the MADM, the South Afrian-German Center for Development Research and the PhD IDS. Moreover there are several reports on individual experiences of Alumni and Research fellows of the IEE.

Many thanks for your continued interest in our activities! Enjoy the read, take care and stay healthy!


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Anne Siebert reports on the last graduation of the MADM and on the new MADM intake 2020

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MADM Alumni Stories

Eduardo Galindo reports on his Career Path

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Student's Perspective on the MADM Intake 2018-20

Majorie Gonzàlez Ramírez reports on her MADM journey

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News South African-German Centre for Development Research

Britta Niklas reports on the start of new scholarship holders at the South African-German Center for Development Research and on the new Call for scholarship applications

Ruth Knoblich reports on the German university delegation visit in March 2020, on the Kick-off Meeting of DigiFace, and on online teaching at the SA-GER CDR

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PhD IDS: Christina Seeger takes over as coordinator of the PhD IDS programme from Raffael Beier

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Raffael Beier as a Gateway Fellow in South Africa

Raffael Beier reports on the first weeks of his research stay in Johannesburg

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10. UN Research Colloquium

Timeela Manandhar and Henrike Roth report on a planned UN Research Colloquium in Bochum

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IEE Publications

Read about new publications from our IEE members

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