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Scholarships for MADM Students in Cape Town

Scholarships of the 'South African - German Centre for Development Research'

The major scholarship donor for students of the Bochum Programme of Development Management is the DAAD-funded South African - German Centre for Development Research.

Applicants from Sub-Saharan African countries with an excellent academic record can apply for a full scholarship for their studies within the Bochum Programme. This scholarship includes:

  • monthly allowances of Euro 650 for the whole study period
  • topping-up of monthly allowances of up to Euro 500 per month for a three months' study and internship period in Germany
  • travel subsidies totaling to max 2,125€ for 1 flight to South Africa at the beginning of your studies, 1 return flight for the field research period in your home country and 1 flight back to your home country at the end of your studies
  • administration fees of up to Euro 1.500

he closing date for scholarship applications for students of the Master of Arts in Development Management at UWC (Bochum Programme) to commence their studies in May 2024 is the 31 December 2023. The application process will start in January 2023. Applications have to be submitted directly to the university via the online application platform. Respective details will be provided on our website.

All participants of the Bochum Programme can apply for a mobility scholarship for the three months' study period in Germany. There is no need to apply for this scholarship already with the course application. The scholarship includes

  • monthly allowances of up to Euro 500
  • travel subsidies of up to Euro 825

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Excellent German applicants can apply for individual scholarships of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for studies abroad. For details, please refer to the DAAD webpage.

Apart from DAAD, some other organizations in Germany also provide support opportunities for foreign members of institutions of higher education. For an overview please refer to the "scholarships" section of the MADM Bochum.

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