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New journal article co-authored by Dr. Sadik-Zada

Dr. Elkhan Sadik-Zada has published a new journal article on green hydrogen economy uptake with Andrea Gatto, Tim Lohoff, Luigi Aldieri, Concetto Paolo Vinci and Kevin Alexander Peitz.

In this study, the authors investigate the green hydrogen uptake policies in the United States and the European Union. While the EU has a rather broad public support strategy that envisages the entire hydrogen value chain, U.S. policies are more focused on hydrogen research hubs and subsidies that have electric vehicle applications. From the experience of the solar and wind power rollout of the past three decades, we know that the subsidization schemes of the end product play an important role in the transition to renewables. These kinds of subsidization schemes are still lacking for clean hydrogen both in the EU and the U.S. This paper provides a brief overview of selected subsidization schemes from other renewables markets, which are then applied to define an exemplary subsidization path to empower large-scale growth in a market for green hydrogen. Here is proposed a long-term subsidization scheme – deemed as an adequate strategy for the expansion of clean hydrogen in an electricity mix. The proposed exemplary subsidization path recommends shifting from feed-in tariffs to direct marketing with market premiums once a certain threshold is reached, while both can be flanked by the issuance of a Guarantee of Origin for green hydrogen so that there is one market for hydrogen and another market for the certificates.

Gatto, A., Sadik-Zada, E.R., Lohoff, T., Aldieri, L., Vinci, C.P., Peitz, K.A. (2024), An exemplary subsidization path for the green hydrogen economy uptake: Rollout policies in the United States and the European Union. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 440, 140757: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2024.140757.


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