IEE Newsletter No. 20

PhD IDS: IEE and ISS sign partnership agreement

Closer cooperation agreed between the IEE and the International Institute of Social Sciences (ISS).

On 16 October 2014 Professor Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein and Professor Leo de Haan (Rector of the ISS) signed a partnership agreement establishing a joint PhD programme (see picture below).
2014-12 IEE-ISS-Partnership1This initiative was prepared on the part of the IEE by Dr. Gabriele Bäcker (Executive Director of the IEE) and Dr. Anja Zorob (Assistant Dean and Coordinator of the PhD IDS) and on the part of the ISS by Professor Dr. Wil Hout and Adinda Ceelen.
The ISS is also a partner in the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Project "EUSA_ID" which is coordinated by the IEE.
As of the second week of November, the IEE has been hosting Sarah Hardus, a PhD student of the ISS. Her research focuses on the role of Chinese aid and investment in Africa and its impact on Western development assistance.

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