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Dear Reader,

Since its founding, the IEE has promoted multifaceted research with an effort to find theory-based solutions for real-world development problems. Currently, its research activities are based on the expertise of around 50 researchers and PhD students with backgrounds in economics, geography, law, political science and sociology. The diversity of disciplines convened at the IEE is reflected in the publications by IEE members over the last year, covering diverse topics such as global politics of intellectual property, social movements as drivers of urban policy, climate change and hedonic pricing of wine, privatization of the power sector in Latin America, financial cooperatives, and African procurement law, to name a few.

The multi-disciplinary approach of the Institute is not only a strength when it comes to running interdisciplinary master and PhD programmes, such as our Master in Development Management and the PhD in International Development Studies, but also allows researchers and students to find complementary research angles from different disciplines and conduct projects in cooperation with other universities.

With Christmas time coming closer and the end of the year now approaching, it is time to look back at the last months and highlight some events. In these challenging pandemic times, the IEE members have learned to master video conferences, online teaching, and working from a home office, welcoming new students, and hosting the 10th UN Research Colloquium. In September, the first MADM students arrived in Bochum. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, both cohorts started their studies together in Bochum. The 23 students come from 19 different countries and we look forward to guiding and accompanying them on their journey in graduate studies. Now, the IEE strongly hopes that we can switch at least parts of the MADM programme from online to in-person meetings starting in early 2021. The intention is that students of the Cape Town group will continue with their studies in the 2nd semester in South Africa. If possible, the Bochum group will start with an internship period in March 2021. However, these plans strongly depend on the development of the COVID-19 situation. Furthermore, we were happy to host the 10th UN Research Colloquium together with the Working Group of Young UN Researchers and the IFHV in Bochum in early October. Young researchers from the IEE, the IFHV and other institutions were given the opportunity to participate. The colloquium showed that learning from the perspectives of other disciplines can be challenging but is always rewarding.

In the upcoming year, the new EU-funded European Joint Doctorate will be launched at the IEE. We are looking forward to welcoming 15 PhD researchers at the IEE and our partner institutions in the EU and Turkey.

From all of us at the IEE, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein

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