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New journal article co-authored by Dr. Sadik-Zada

New journal article co-authored by Dr. Sadik-Zada

Dr. Elkhan Sadik-Zada has published a new journal article on the Perspectives on Nuclear Fusion in the Decarbonization of Power Systems together with Andrea Gatto and Yannic Weißnicht.

The paper titled "Back to the future: Revisiting the perspectives on nuclear fusion and juxtaposition to existing energy sources" reviews and launches perspectives on the progress of nuclear fusion research and development. To this end, the current state of nuclear fusion technology, the recent breakthroughs in nuclear fusion research occurred in the US, Japan, and China, the role of private companies and investments in nuclear fusion research and development are investigated for both advanced and emerging economies. The survey draws upon academic sources and media contributions from experts in the field of nuclear fusion. While nuclear fusion has reached the break-even point in the generation of nuclear fusion electricity, there are still serious challenges that will obviate the market alignment of nuclear fusion energy until the early 2030s – and more realistically the mid-2050s. Nonetheless, never in history, the level of public support and private engagement for nuclear fusion energy research and development has been as high as now. Furthermore, the study shows that there is a steadily increasing accumulation of scholarly knowledge on nuclear fusion and a broad consensus among the leading experts that nuclear fusion is the “holy grail” of the transition toward a post-resource, and hence, fully circular energy system.

Sadik-Zada, E.R., Gatto, A., Weißnicht, Y. (2024). Back to the Future: Revisiting the Perspectives on nuclear fusion and juxtaposition to existing energy sources. Energy, Volume 290, 129150. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.energy.2023.129150


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