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Muhammad Saleh

Research Fellow + PhD Student (ADAPTED)

Room: 2.01

Email: Muhammad.Saleh-a8a@rub.de

Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-19003


Short Profile

Muhammad holds a Master Degree in Economics from University of the Punjab, Pakistan. He has also graduated in Development Studies with specialization in Economics of Development from the ISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands. Having research interests in Development Economics and Political Economy with increased focus on subjects of poverty, human capital development, development finance and economic growth he has been writing on economic issues and making scholarly contributions for the international refereed scholarly journals. As an early stage researcher (ESR) with ADAPTED, his research project aims at looking at the impact of Foreign Direct Investment and Official Development Assistance on modern sector job creation and net output growth. Theoretically his research is grounded in Partially Modernized Economies (PME) general equilibrium growth model and empirically aimed at understanding the impacts of these financing flows both at the firm (micro) and country (macro) levels of developing world.  

Research Focus

  • Development Finance
  • Human Capital
  • Poverty Reduction & Employment Creation
  • Economic Growth



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