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Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein

Managing Director, Dean of RUB Research School

Room: 2.04

Email: Wilhelm.J.Loewenstein@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-22418

Consultation Hours: on appointment


Research Focus

Welfare economics, resource economics, theory-based impact assessment of development interventions, monetary evaluation of public goods and of external effects

Economic growth in developing countries: Roles of resource extraction and trade; of debt, ODA and private development finance; of the informal sector and of segmented labor markets

Country Expertise
Burkina Faso, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mali, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zimbabwe



  • (since 2009) Economic Evaluation Methods, MA in Development Management, uneven years, two weeks' teaching blocks in the Winter Terms, RUB, and UWC, South Africa
  • (since 2006) Grundlagen der Wirtschaftswissenschaften, BSc in Geography, two h per week in Winter and Summer Terms, RUB
  • (since 2005) Cost-Benefit Analyses, MSc in Economics, 2 h per week in the Winter Terms, RUB
  • (since 2005) Grundlagen der Entwicklungspolitik, BSc in Management and Economics, two h per week in the Summer Terms, RUB 
  • (since 2002) Theories of Development and Underdevelopment: The Economic Perspective, MA in Development Management, even years, 2 weeks' teaching blocks in the Summer Terms, RUB, U Witten-Herdecke, UWC, South Africa since 2004, UDE since 2012 
  • (2006, 2007, 2008) Waldnutzung und Waldschutz in Entwicklungsländern, BSc in Geography, two hours per week in Summer Terms, RUB
  • (2005 - 2007) Evaluationsverfahren, MSc in Geography, 2 h per week in the Winter Terms, RUB
  • (2001 - 2007) Project Evaluation Using CBA-Instruments,  MA in Development Management, uneven years, 2 weeks' teaching blocks in the Summer Terms, RUB, UWC, South Africa 2003 - 2007
  • (1998 - 2005) Wachstums- und Entwicklungsökonomik, MSc in Economics, 2 h per week in the Summer Terms, RUB
  • (1996 - 2001) Planning and Evaluation of Development Projects, MA in Humanitarian Assistance, 2 h per week in the Winter Terms, U Aix-Marseille III, RUB, U Deusto-Bilbao, U Louvain, U Oxford
  • (1996, 1998, 2000) Fallstudien zur Entwicklungspolitik, Diplomstudiengang Wirtschaftswissenschaft, two h per week in the Summer Terms, RUB


Supervision of Master and Doctoral Theses with the following examples:

Doctoral Theses

  • Sadik-Zada, Elkhan Richard (2016): Oil Abundance and Economic Growth (2nd supervisor)
  • Solikin, Akhmad (2015): Revealing Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Work to Avoid Deforestation and Forest Degradation Using Contingent Valuation Method (1st supervisor)
  • Rimkus, Marco (2015): Welternährung, Nutztierschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit in Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern (1st supervisor)
  • Thürer, Tobias (2015): The effect of speculation with agricultural commodity futures in the event of negative production shocks (2nd supervisor)
  • Asif, Farah (2014): Impact of Foreign Affiliation on the Livelihood of Low-Income Rural Households: A Case Study of Pakistan (2nd supervisor)
  • Mölders, Sarah (2014): Räumliche Allokation von Umweltexternalitäten (2nd supervisor)
  • Dillenseger, Valentina (2013): Technologietransfer durch Migranten aus Entwicklungsländern (2nd supervisor)Fanta, Elias Gebreselassie (2013): Institutional Quality, Export Performance and Income (2nd supervisor)
  • Fanta, Elias Gebreselassie (2013): Institutional Quality, Export Performance and Income (2nd supervisor)
  • Hoekstra, Ruth (2013): Trade Facilitation and Aid for Trade – Econometric and Political Economy Analyses (2nd supervisor)
  • Lembani, Martina Esinar (2013): Analysis of the Effectiveness of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in HIV/AIDS Service Delivery: the case of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Programme in Malawi (1st supervisor)
  • Mekuriaw Bizuneh, Abate (2013): Climate Variability and Change in the Rift Valley and Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia: local knowledge, impacts and adaptation (2nd supervisor)
  • Wondimagegnhu, Beneberu Assefa (2013): Economic Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on Income and Poverty of Migrant Sending Rural Households: With Evidence from Southern Ethiopia (2nd supervisor)
Master Theses
  • Barinmehr, Shoaib (2024): Examining the Impact of Social Integration on Personal Autonomy Among Afghan Women in Germany (MA)
  • Sheikh, Izzah (2023): Impact of Urban Agriculture on Household Resilience in the Aftermath of COVID-19 Pandemic - a Case of a Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town (MA)
  • Shumaila Afzal (2022): The Impact of Karachi Transport Deterioriation on the Welfare of Urban Poor (MA)
  • Carla Swertz (2016): Incidence and Costs of Illness Among Urban Farm Households in Tamale, Ghana (MSc)
  • Brandt, Paul Rudi (2015): Monetary Evaluation of Locally Provided Club Goods: A case study from the Trujillo Region, Péru (MSc)
  • Bassili, Maria (2014): Economic Evaluation of Public Goods and Bads Provided by Large-Scale Agriculture: Rubber Plantations in the Ivory Coast (MSc)
  • Conteh, Mohamed Sorie (2014): Economic Impacts of Large Scale Leases of Farmland on Smallholder Farmers. A Case Study of Leased Farmlands for the ADDAX Sugarcane Ethanol Project in Sierra Leone (MA)
  • Jobmann, Daniel (2014): Monetary Measurement of Externalities Related to the Existence of a Chicken Farm in China From the Affected Population’s Perspective: A Contingent Valuation Approach (MSc)
  • Mäurer, Nicolai Christian (2014): Food Safety Issues in China: Economic Valuation of Safe Food Supply for Chinese Consumers Using the Contingent Valuation Method – The Example of the Huidong Farm (MSc)
  • Om, Ki (2014): Fisheries and Economic Welfare: Economic Evaluation of a Small-Scale Inland Fisheries Project from the Delta Region of Myanmar (MA)


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