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PhD IDS: Academic Achievements

Farah Asif from Pakistan and Annalisa Addis from Italy are new graduates from the PhD IDS programme.

After successful defense of her PhD Thesis on Thursday, December 18, 2014, Farah Asif from Sialkot, Pakistan has been awarded the degree of a Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.). Her thesis on the "Impact of Foreign Affiliation on the Livelihood of Low-Income Rural Households: A Case Study of Pakistan" was supervised by Prof. em. Dr. Dieter Bender and Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein. Prof. Dr. Helmut Karl chaired the oral exam. Congratulations, Farah!2015-01  Asif
Prof. Dr. em. Dieter Bender, Farah Asif, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein

AddisOn June 3, 2015, PhD IDS associate member Annalisa Addis from Italy has been awarded the degree of a Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) for her thesis on "Linking Huminatarian and Development Action in Ethiopia". The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Dijkzeul and Prof. Bianca Maria Carcangiu according to a joint supervision agreement between the IEE's PhD IDS and the University of Cagliari PhD Course in History, Institutions and International Relations of Modern and Contemporary Asia and Africa. Prof. Dr. Eva Gerharz und Prof. Dr. Dennis Dijkzeul represented the IEE in the oral exam held at the University of Cagliari, Italy. Congratulations, Annalisa!


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