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Coursebook on Empirical Social Research authored by Dr. Anne Siebert

Dr. Anne Siebert has written a coursebook on Empirical Social Research for the IU International University of Applied Sciences.

By reading this course book, students expand their knowledge of survey-based Empirical Social Research. In particular, they will improve their understanding of research planning and operationalization, the selection procedures for partial surveys and samples, and pretest procedures. At its core, this book is concerned with the concrete design of survey instruments, their use, and their significance in terms of the conclusions drawn from the resulting data. Students will learn valuable skills such as how to review literature, develop research questions and derive hypotheses based on existing literature, design and carry out survey studies, apply and provide arguments for sampling procedures, understand and select different survey methods according to the research question, operationalize theoretical constructs, apply digital research methods, and draw conclusions based on methodological choices.




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