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Welcome to the IEE

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (German acronym: IEE) of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

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  • 05-12-2016

    Congratulations, Dr. Engelbert!

    2016-12 Annika-Engelbert smallAfter successful defense of her PhD Thesis on Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Annika Engelbert from Bochum, Germany, has been awarded the degree of a Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.). Her thesis on "Public Procurement Law in Sub-Saharan Africa—A means to Curb Corruption? was supervised by Prof. Dr. Markus Kaltenborn and Prof. Dr. Christof Hartmann. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein chaired the oral exam.
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  • 30-11-2016

    PhD Student Themba Nyasulu has won this year’s global "Microeconomics of Competitiveness" Team Project Competition

    2016-11 ThembaNyasuluThemba Nyasulu, member of the PhD IDS and Research Cluster 1, has most successfully participated in the course "Microeconomics of Competitiveness" (MOC) offered by Prof. Kiese (RUB, Institute of Geography). Together with three other fellow students from the Institute of Geography and the Faculty of Management and Economics he co-edited a paper on ‘The Frankfurt Financial Service Cluster’ and participated in the MOC project competition. The MOC panel of judges at Harvard Business School selected the paper to be the winner of this year’s global paper competition. More than hundred papers from all over the world participated in this competition organised by Harvard’s MOC network, which is led by Prof. Michael Porter. If you want to repeat Themba’s success in the next year, you may register directly for Prof. Kiese’s next MOC course starting 18 April 2017 (email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

  • 25-11-2016

    Welcome to the 10th Intake of the PhD IDS

    2016-11 PhDIDS-Opening-Intake2016 smallWith an opening reception on 23rd November the IEE welcomed the latest intake of the PhD programme in International Development Studies (PhD IDS).

    This year, four full members and eight associate members were newly admitted to the PhD IDS Programme.

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  • 30-01-2017

    New Article by Johannes Norpoth

    Johannes Norpoth: The Mutually Agreed Solution (MAS) between Indonesia and the United States (US) in US – Clove Cigarettes: A Case of Efficient Breach (or Power Politics)?

    The MAS to the US – Clove Cigarettes case between the US and Indonesia evokes the idea of the WTO dispute settlement system (DSS) allowing for efficient breach since the case was declared settled based on mutual commitments of the two parties, while the original violation by the US remains in place. The paper first discusses whether MAS are a means through which WTO law allows such flexibility, concluding that such a view is tenable despite valid objections. Then, it inquires whether the MAS found between Indonesia and the US can be considered as a situation of efficient breach. In this context, the paper analyses the mutual commitments of the US and Indonesia with specific attention to the potential role of power in the settlement. The paper argues that from a legal perspective the MAS between Indonesia and the US cannot be considered a case of efficient breach, although politically the situation established through the MAS resembles a situation of efficient breach. The paper finds that power imbalances played a role in the settlement and suggests that the case study of this specific MAS highlights systemic risks in the current handling of WTO dispute settlement through MAS.

    2017-01 NorpothJohannes Norpoth, The Mutually Agreed Solution (MAS) between Indonesia and the United States (US) in US – Clove Cigarettes: A Case of Efficient Breach (or Power Politics)?, in: Adinolfi, G., Baetens, F., Caiado, J., Lupone, A., Micara, A.G. (Eds.), International Economic Law - Contemporary Issues, Springer 2017, pp. 129-147

    available as E-Book (ISBN 978-3-319-44645-5) and Hardcover (ISBN 978-3-319-44644-8) - more info at http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319446448

  • 17-11-2016

    Three new UA Ruhr Studies on Development and Global Governance

    uar-studies-68 coverVol. 68: Annika Engelbert, Markus Kaltenborn, and Nina-Annette Reit-Born:
    Effective Corruption Ccontrol. Supplier remedies in public procurement in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania - A comparative analysis of mechanisms and their implementation.
    This book presents the results of a three-year research project based at the Ruhr-University Bochum, financed by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne. Corruption in public procurement is widespread and particularly damaging to development objectives, as it undermines any state's duty to maximize the social and economic welfare of its citizens. Yet, research on country-specific regulation meant to address this problem has remained scarce. ...

    uar-studies-69 coverVol. 69: Stefan Buchholz:
    Dimensionen und Bestimmungsfaktoren der HIV/AIDS-bezogenen Stigmatisierung in der Republik Südafrika: Ergebnisse einer empirischen Untersuchung unter Studenten in der Metropolregion Kapstadt.
    Stigmatisierungsprozesse gegenüber Menschen mit HIV/AIDS stellen ein elementares Hindernis im Kampf gegen die Immunschwächekrankheit dar. In Südafrika fielen diese in der Vergangenheit so drastisch aus, dass Betroffene das Bekanntwerden ihrer HIV-Infektion mit dem Leben bezahlt haben. Die vorliegende Arbeit stellt eine Ursachenanalyse HIV/AIDS-bezogener Stigmatisierungsprozesse in der südafrikanischen Gesellschaft dar. Basierend auf sozialwissenschaftlichen Theorien und empirischen Vorkenntnissen wird ein Erhebungsinstrument zur Erfassung stigmatisierender Einstellungen entwickelt. ...

    uar-studies-70 coverVol. 70: Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada:
    Oil Abundance and Economic Growth.
    This book deals with the role of oil abundance in economic growth. The major theoretical contribution of the analysis is the transformation of the rentier state theory into the language of mathematical economics. The mathematical formalization of the rentier state theory enables a more sophisticated analytical tool for the assessment of the role of nonrenewable resource revenues in economic growth and institutional dynamics. The embedding of the elements of a rentier state into the labor surplus economy framework leads to grave consequences as reflected in the quantitative part of the survey. The augmented labor surplus economy model shows that both the political economy and the purely economic causes of the resource curse can have similar effects on the resource allocation in the affected nation. ...

    Please find the full abstracts and more information here.

  • 14-11-2016

    Journal Article by Amr Khafagy

    Amr Khafagy, PhD IDS student at the IEE, published an article in the Journal of Institutional Economics:
    "Political institutions and financial cooperative development".

    This paper analyses the influence of political institutions on the development of financial cooperatives. It proposes a political economy theory where autocratic regimes deliberately oppose the development of a well-functioning financial cooperative sector to maintain their political influence, and prevent the formation of strong pressure groups that can threaten the current political status quo and reduce the governing elites’ economic benefits from underdeveloped and exclusive financial sector. Using panel data from 65 developing countries from 1995–2014, the results show that democracy, political rights and civil liberties promote financial cooperative development. These results are robust in controlling for endogeneity as well as other economic and institutional factors.

    More info and the full text article: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-institutional-economics/article/political-institutions-and-financial-cooperative-development/2B84F65FB661B369CDB7D56F68F092F5

  • 20-09-2016

    Conference on Social Protection Systems in Africa

    From 10-11 November 2016, the Institute for Development Research and Development Policy (IEE) together with the Gesellschaft für afrikanisches Recht (African Law Association) will organize a conference on

    "Law for Development: Strengthening Social Protection Systems in Africa"

    Experts from both African and European research institutes will discuss the current challenges of Social Protection Law in African countries. The conference will be hosted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in Berlin.

    For more information on this event please see the Agenda and Logistical Information.

    You can register for the conference until 28 October 2016 at Christiane Schwausch via E-Mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

  • 28-05-2016

    Alumni conference 9-11 Nov. 2016

    Doing Good with Business?
    – Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship, and Fair Trade –

    Dear alumni,

    the submission date for proposals for the upcoming alumni conference (9-11 Nov. 2016), titled "Doing Good with Business? – Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship, and Fair Trade", has passed. The proposals are currently reviewed. Notifications will be sent out mid of September 2016.

    The conference is hosted by the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (IEE) in Bochum (Germany) and organised in collaboration with its partners from HTW Berlin, University of Leipzig, and University of Duisburg-Essen. Alumni of the MA programme in Development Management (MADM; IEE), the MA programme in International and Development Economics (MIDE; HTW Berlin), the Small Enterprise Promotion and Training Programme (SEPT; University of Leipzig), the MA programme in Development and Governance (Institute of Political Science (IfP); University of Duisburg-Essen), and the MA programme in International Relations and Development Policy (Institute for Development and Peace (INEF); University of Duisburg-Essen) are highly welcomed to submit proposals for participating at the conference. Selected participants who are international alumni of the cooperating institutions will receive funding for their flight and accommodation.

    Please find more information in the call.

    For further questions, please refer to the IEE (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

  • 10-10-2016

    International Alumni conference 9-11 Nov. 2016

    The Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (IEE) of Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany) is happy to host the international conference:

    "Doing Good with Business?
    Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship, and Fair Trade"

    taking place 9-11 of November 2016.

    On three days, approximately 200 conference participants – practitioners, researchers, and students – discuss different approaches which aim at improving the social and environmental effects of production standards and business models: Corporate Social Responsibility, Fair Trade, and Social Entrepreneurship. Diverse questions are addressed, like to which extent those approaches actually fulfil the expectations set in them, whether they are economically viable, what the dominant current challenges as well as the prospects for future developments of these concepts are.

    read more

  • 13-04-2016

    New Call for Scholarship Applications at the South African-German Centre for Development Research open until 15th July 2016

    The Call for Applications for Master and PhD Scholarships is now open until 15th July 2016.
    All applicants have to fill in an online application form.
    Any applications sent via email or as a hard copy are not eligible!
    Please go to the "How to apply" section of the respective programme you are interested in to get access to the online application form, or click here in order to get to the "How to apply page" directly:
    - for the Master in Development Studies
    - for the Master In Public Administration
    - for the PhD in Development Studies or Public Policy

  • 24-04-2016

    5th Annual International PhD Conference in International Development -- September 5th & 6th, 2016 -- University of East Anglia

    Header 5th PhD Conf

    This year's Annual International PhD Conference in International Development will take place on September 5th & 6th 2016 at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

    more info and Call for Papers

  • 24-04-2016

    Forced Displacement, Regional Politics and the Middle East Autumn School 2016, Lebanon 03-12 October 2016

    Since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria in 2011 over 4.5 million people have fled the country to find safe havens in neighbouring countries, including Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. As of 2016 Lebanon is host to over 1 million Syrian refugees in addition to a population of over 400,000 Palestine refugees that have been living in a protracted refugee situation in the country.

    Call for Application

  • 09-03-2016

    Summer School for Asian Alumni

    A summer school for Asian Alumni of Master programmes at German universities on "Reconciling biodiversity conservation and livelihood needs in protected area management in Nepal" will take place from September 19th to 30th 2016 in Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park in Nepal. For further information and details regarding the application process please refer to the attached call. Though the deadline of the call has expired, applications are still possible.


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Latest Publications

Johannes Norpoth: The Mutually Agreed Solution (MAS) between Indonesia and the United States (US) in US – Clove Cigarettes: A Case of Efficient Breach (or Power Politics)?

Three new UA Ruhr Sudies on Development and Global Governance:
Annika Engelbert, Markus Kaltenborn, Nina-Annette Reit-Born: Effective Corruption Control (vol. 68)
Stefan Buchholz: Dimensionen und Bestimmungsfaktoren der HIV/AIDS-bezogenen Stigmatisierung in der Republik Südafrika (vol. 69)
Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada: Oil Abundance and Economic Growth (vol. 70)

Amr Khafagy: Political institutions and financial cooperative development

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