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The IEE has more than 400 Alumni working all over the world in positions related to development studies. Alumni include graduates from the MA in Development Management, the PhD in International Development Studies and the previous PhD school as well as former staff members.

Alumni of projects coordinated by the IEE, such as the South African – German Centre for Development Research and the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project EUSA_ID will add to the Alumni community of the IEE.

It is our aim to keep ties with our Alumni for mutual benefit. Ideally, participation in one of our programmes or projects is only the starting point for life-long exchange and learning.

With the growing number of Alumni especially from our MA in Development Management programme (currently around 350) we have intensified our Alumni activities which include:

  • Alumni seminars and other networking events,
  • re-invitation of Alumni for research purposes,
  • integration of Alumni into teaching activities,
  • cooperation with Alumni for the purpose of internship and field research placements.

Who are our Alumni? Where do they come from? What was their role at the IEE? Where do they work now? Here you can find information about them.

If you are an MADM Alumni and interested in connecting with other MADM Alumni beyond your own batch, join the MADM Alumni group on LinkedIn.

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On request you will also be enlisted in the IEE Alumni mailing list to get all update news from us.