Cluster 3

Cluster 3

Resource Use and Distribution

A country's wealth of renewable and non-renewable resources is a weak indicator for its economic, social and political fate. The institute deals with resource use and distribution from a macro and micro perspective. One focal area of our research addresses the ambiguous effects of resource abundance and scarcity (e.g. fossil fuels or water). Another one investigates the impact of diverse factors, such as climate and technology changes, on the production and pricing of food.


Cluster 3 News:

Research Cluster 3: New publications

The following publications were recently published/co-authored by members of Cluster 3 and associated researchers:

- Shakya, Martina (2016): Tourism and Social Capital: Case Studies from Rural Nepal. In: McCool, Stephen F. & Bosak, Keith (editors): Reframing Sustainable Tourism. Dordrecht: Springer (Environmental Challenges and Solutions 2), pp. 217-239.

- Bellwood-Howard, Imogen, Volker Häring, Hanna Karg, Regina Roessler, Johannes Schlesinger and Martina Shakya (2015): Characteristics of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in West Africa: Results of an Exploratory Survey Conducted in Tamale (Ghana) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). Colombo: International Water Management Institute (IWMI Working Paper 163).

- Löwenstein, Wilhelm, Martina Shakya, Marc Hansen, and Sanjay Gorkhali (2015): Do the Poor Benefit from Corporate Social Responsibility? A Theory-Based Impact Evaluation of Six Community-Based Water Projects in Sri Lanka. Bochum (IEE Working Paper Vol. 210).

UFP Summer School October 2015

The third annual Summer School of the BMBF-funded research project Urban FoodPlus (UFP) took place from 4th to 9th October 2015. Alternating between West Africa and Germany, this year’s summer school was hosted by the IEE at the RUB’s Blue Square in the city centre of Bochum.

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Workshop on Econometrics

The members of Research Cluster 3 organized a three-days methodological workshop on Econometrics which was opened for interested researchers from all clusters. The workshop took place from March 24 to March 26. Instructor of the  workshop  was  Sebastian  Beil from the  Ruhr-University  Bochum.

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