IEE Newsletter No. 30


This year’s winter edition of the IEE newsletter comprises several contributions reporting on research activities at the Institute – including an update on the MADM and the South Afrian-German Center for Development Research.

Many thanks for your continued interest in our activities! Enjoy the read! We wish all our readers Happy Holidays!


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MADM: Farewell to Tobias Thürer and new Coordinator

Anne Siebert takes over as coordinator of the MADM programme from Dr. Tobias Thürer

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Alumni conference “Evaluation of Development Interventions - Current Debates, Methods, and Best Practices” hosted in Bochum

Dr. Gabriele Bäcker reports on the MADM alumni conference

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News South Afrian-German Center for Development Research

Britta Niklas reports on News from the South Afrian-German Center for Development Research

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Visiting fellow (PhD Exchange) from ISS and key findings from a field research in Myanmar

Yukari Sekine reports on her fieldwork and reflections on her late stage PhD

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Working Meeting of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

Timeela Manandhar reports

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IEE publications

Read about new publications from our IEE members.

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IEE on Tour

External Activities of IEE Members

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