Programme Structure

Programme Structure

The PhD in International Development Studies is a combination of working on individual PhD research projects as well as participating in selected teaching modules.

Teaching modules deal with developmental issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. These seminars are complemented by courses on research methods and statistical analysis. Regular presentation and discussion of individual research projects take place in three different Research Cluster Meetings which are regularly scheduled.

A field research phase in the fourth semester forms an integral part of the PhD programme. Courses on "Generic Skills" include seminars on Scientific Writing, Scientific Presentation and Professional (Scientific) Communication.

They aim at the training of key competences and are offered in cooperation with the Ruhr-University Bochum Research School. For more information please see

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The outline of the structure of modules of the PhD IDS is available for download here.

You can also download the Doctoral Statutes of the PhD-program (German version from 2018 / from 2008, English version from 2018 / from 2008).

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Dipl.-Ök. Britta Niklas
Coordinator PhD-IDS

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Phone:  +49 (0)234 / 32-25148
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Module Structure of PhD IDS

2018 Doctoral Statutes of 
the PhD IDS Programme:
- German version
- English version

2008 Doctoral Statues:
- German version
- English version

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