IEE Newsletter No. 29

Heading 29

This year’s summer edition of the IEE newsletter comprises several contributions reporting on research activities at the Institute – including an update on the MADM intake and the SA-GER CDR, as well a report on the first PhD defense of the Joint-PhD with ISS-EU.

Many thanks for your continued interest in our activities! Enjoy the read!


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First Joint-PhD Defence in co-operation with the ISS-EUR

Raffael Beier reports on the Joint-PhD

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South Afrian-German Center for Development Research: New Call for scholarship applications – deadline 30th June 2019

New call for MA and PhD studies

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New graduates at the SA-GER CDR

Britta Niklas reports on the SA-GER CDR

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MA Development Management: Summer School in Cape Town

A report on the MADM summer school in Cape Town 2019 from MADM Coordinator Tobias

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Participatory exercise with Iliso Care Society during the “PME course”

Britta Niklas reports on the course Planing, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) in Cape Town

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International MADM Alumni Conference „Evaluation of Development Interventions - Current Debates, Methods, and Best Practices” taking place November 2019

Call announcement

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GlobE Pan-African Conference & Final UFP Workshop in Kenya, December 2018

Report on final Urban Food Plus steps

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Asking for a little finger, and getting a full hand offered: alumni’s feedback to IEE’s recent request

Short report on the improvement of alumni services

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IEE on Tour

External Activities of IEE Members

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Read about new publications from our IEE members

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