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The Master in Development Management in Bochum, Germany

On this page you will find some specific information related to the Master of Arts in Development Management (MADM) in Bochum and ten reasons to study the MADM in Bochum.

rubThe course starts every other year with the next intake in August/September 2022. For international participants, a German language course is offered from the beginning of July 2022. The programme itself starts in September with a Summer School on Research Methods and Development Practice. In this introductory Summer School you will also meet with the students from the Cape Town intake, who started earlier and have by then already completed their first semester. Apart from coursework, the Summer School usually includes a seminar on Inter-Cultural Communication and Team Building as well as some excursions for you to get more familiar with Bochum, the region and Germany.

Ten Reasons to Study the Master of Arts in Development Management in Bochum

1. Experience & Intensive Coaching

More than 100 PhD candidates and more than 300 Master students completed their thesis at the IEE. Research Fellows of the IEE act as mentors to small groups of up to 3 students for the entire 18 months.

2. Teaching: Theory - Method - Practice

The innovative character of the IEE degree is not only the spectrum of methods that it offers to the student but also its practical orientation. Throughout the programme, students are confronted with the practical problems of planning, implementation, and evaluation of development programmes and projects. The emphasis on fieldwork forms a substantial basis of the final thesis which means that every student is exposed to the realities of development practice.

3. Financial Assistance

In some situations, financial assistance is provided to international students. The IEE offers different types of scholarships to well qualified students from developing countries. We award these scholarships in a competitive procedure purely on academic merit and qualification.

4. Internships

The programme combines theory and practice. Students can undertake a two to three-months internship in Germany in a development organisation or a corporation in the private sector.

5. The 2nd Degree Option

Well performing and committed students who register for the MA in Development Management of Ruhr-University Bochum can obtain a second degree of our partner university, the University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa. This second degree option is available for all MADM students, regardless of their study location (Bochum or Cape Town). Possible second degree options are the MA in Development Studies of the Institute for Social Development (ISD) or the Master in Public Administration of the School of Government (SGO) at UWC, South Africa (pending capacities at ISD and SOG).

6. Job Opportunities

A Master in Development Management is a springboard for your career. Data is currently available for more than 80% of our graduates and of these no less than 45% are working in international, bilateral, regional or national organisations of development cooperation. Another 14% are engaged with developmental NGOs while 10% are working as consultants. 13% are active as lecturers at universities in their home countries and 5% are currently undertaking PhD studies. Furthermore 13% are working for companies which are not related to the field of development or working as freelancer.

7. Location

The IEE is located in the Ruhr-Area, the former industrial heart of Germany. People from over 140 different nations are living in the Ruhr-Area. The former coal-mining and heavy industry centre has developed to a multifaceted cultural melting pot. Over 7.3 million people are living in the largest urban agglomeration in Germany. The Ruhr-Area has the highest density of theaters and cultural events in Europe. The industrial heritage of the Ruhr-Area is impressing and well worth seeing. The European Union awarded the title of the European Capital of Culture to the Ruhr-Area (Essen) in 2010. The Ruhr-Area is also a land of plenty for soccer-interested students. The local soccer team VFL Bochum plays in the first division.

8. Cultural Exchange

Apart from what is taught in the classroom, you'll develop a sense of intercultural awareness. In every intake, students from different cultural backgrounds, religions, cultures, economic and ethnic backgrounds discuss their views on development issues. This is quite challenging, but in the end you'll become a global villager.

9. Learning German

MADM students are given the opportunity to learn the German language. German lessons will be offered in Germany as well as in Cape Town.

10. Easy Access to the Rest of Germany and Europe

In terms of transportation, Bochum is located in the middle of Europe. The third biggest airport in Germany (Airport Duesseldorf) is a short hop from Bochum. Bochum is a great base for exploring other parts of Germany or the Benelux countries. Cheap airfares will allow you to reach destinations like London, Paris or Madrid within two or three hours.

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