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MADM: Meeting of MADM alumni

DAAD scholarship holders attend international alumni conference in Leipzig.

From 29 to 30 October 2014, eight DAAD scholarship holders of the MA in the Development Management (MADM) programme attended a DAAD-Alumni conference in Leipzig, entitled "Entrepreneurs, firms and business membership organisations: their role in politics and development". The conference was co-funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and also by the DAAD. It was jointly attended by Alumni of the MADM programme, the MIDE programme (Master's in International and Development Economics) at the HTW Berlin, the SEPT programme (Small Enterprise Promotion and Training) at the University of Leipzig and also by the Master's programme in Vocational Education and Personnel Capacity Building at the TU Leipzig.
During these two days, diverse presentations were held by international alumni of the above-mentioned programmes, among others by the MADM alumnus Dr. Sanjay Gorkhali from Nepal, who obtained his PhD at the Economics Faculty at the Ruhr-University Bochum after completing his master studies. Besides Dr. Gorkhali, two further MADM alumni, Collins Yeboah and Daniel Adotey, attended the conference. After the conference the alumni spent an additional day attending further workshops for practitioners. There were plenty opportunities for current and former DAAD scholarship holders to meet and to establish new bonds or strengthen existing ones with other professionals working in the developmental arena. One can safely say that the current MADM students returned to Bochum with many interesting new experiences, a lot of food for thought and many impressions about the relevance of the private sector for economic development.

ThuererDr. Tobias Thürer
Coordinator MADM
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